Tradition and History - Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel
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Tradition and History

Hotel close to Vienna's historic city center

Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel, which stands on the Landstrasser Hauptstrasse in Vienna's 3rd district, known as the "Erdberg", is very centrally located close to Vienna's historic city center. The 3rd district and Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel both look back on a long tradition and history.

Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel – a 3-star hotel - is located in the 3rd district, which means it is in the heart of Vienna. The building which houses today's Hotel Gabriel passing to the Gabriel family in 1892 and Betty Gabriel subsequently rechristening the establishment Hotel Gabriel.

Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel is on one of the most important shopping streets in Vienna in "Erdberg", the 3rd district, able to look back on a considerable history. Since antiquity, the Landstrasser Hauptstrasse has been one of Vienna's most important transportation arteries, leading until the 5th century to the Roman camp at Vindobona, the center of today's Vienna. Even England's King Richard the Lionhearted once lodged here. Later - in the 14th century - a period of rapid construction began, the result of which are beautiful baroque facades, magnificent sacred buildings, old Biedermeier homes of the prosperous middle classes, as well as an authentic market (Rochusmarkt). All of these structures continue to leave their mark on the ambience of three-star Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel.

Many of Vienna's important suppliers were also located in the 3rd district, including the first brewery of the Mautner Markhof family. 1972, Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel - which at the time had 27 rooms - was purchased by the Adler family, and in 2004 remodeled and expanded with loving attention to every detail into the comfortable 55-room 3*hotel. 2015 the Hotel was increased by an additional floor with 4 new superior double rooms. So Garten- & Kunsthotel Gabriel offers a total of 59 rooms.

Your hosts: Natalie & Gustav Adler